Our Mission

The Philosophy Behind Our Work Ethic

Our Mission

The Process

  • Together, we discuss your needs, situation, and timing.
  • Spitfire gathers information on the opportunity at hand and assesses the best way to ensure it’s productively pursued.
  • Our team continues to support the venture and see that the best approach is maintained.

Helping You Succeed

Spitfire Global specializes in helping ‘underdog’ firms find profitable, sustainable growth.

We know that small, lean firms need to keep overhead down — so we run lean too, bringing in professional specialists only as needed. That keeps admin down for us, and costs down for everyone. We handle many of the tasks ourselves (strategy, new product development, sales decks, logistics plans, even sales calls, etc.) yet we aren’t too proud to bring in specialists in fields such as trademark filings, regulatory applications, legal, or graphics.

And we won’t shuffle you off to any juniors either. Spitfire’s Managing Partners are actively, constantly involved.

We chose the Spitfire airplane for our logo because it represents our passion for helping the ‘underdogs’. The Spitfire proved how, despite being outgunned and outnumbered, a small, skilled, and nimble force can overcome massive odds and opposition.

We believe in the potential of skillful, savvy small players — and our mission is to help them succeed.