Time to Rethink When Guys Can Cry?

Last July, I wrote about the 15 times that a guy can cry Here

In retrospect, I may have sold short the XY chromosome crowd. Since that time, I’ve watched ‘October Sky’, The Lion King, and an excruciating drawn-out scene with the Lieutenant on “Cracker: To Be A Somebody”.

And I’ve again listened to Gary Jules’ Mad World, or watching the end of Donnie Darko, or listening to Rufus Wainright sing Leonard Cohen’s magnificent ‘Hallelujah’.

Of course, cinema involves fictional deaths, and already in 2012 the world has seen real loss- Neil Armstrong, Andy Griffith, Ray Bradbury, and Carroll Shelby.

I guess you can tear up a bit after all.

And if you want to demand I add other moments or circumstances when XY chromosome types are allowed to let the ducts flow, comment away.

Steven Litt