When Liberalism Has a Perimeter

There’s a another well-meaning liberal social movement afoot; it’s a one but with ….consequences. Pretty predictable consequences. Living in the city as opposed to some elite suburb or gated community, I see up close the beneficiaries of these policies; living close to not one but two mental health outpatient facilities exposes you to those on the fringes of society every day; relieving themselves in alleys, sleeping on  benches, arguing with themselves in public.

Now, a proposal for a safe injection site in Toronto. An idea that has undeniable overall social merit. Yet, like most social policies it will jave local costs. One might ask whether the people who votes for these policies, work in rather high paying secure make way for mental health wards the leftover nearby homes get the

An idea championed relentlessly (and against the grain) by Larry Campbell in Vancouver who later parlayed his ambition into the role that city’s city mayor.


years ago.


benches, . .