Cookies Trumps Sponges; Slow Beats Fast

New studies show that children raised with the help of hyperactive action junky SpongeBob are being out-aced by kids raised with slower paced media forms. Once again this just shows how brilliant and ahead of their time some children’s shows were a generation ago. The Friendly Giant, Mr Rogers, Captain Kangaroo and Sesame Street may have conveyed info at a fraction of the pace of modern fare, yet they achieved more. Showing once again that a tortoise can beat a hare; that patience fits many audiences, that a slow sell -that’s not even truly a sell- can beat a hard sell.

Relationships, Trust, Gentle Reminders, A Measured Pace, Empathy. Qualities that seem often to be lacking in today’s entertainment and marketing.

As parents and as business people, let’s all take a moment and consider that.

Brought to you by the latter P.

P for Patient.

P for Pace.

P for Parent.

P for Peaceful.

Okay, now let’s have a cookie and a nap.

Steven Litt