Dozen Digital Trends for 2014

Here are my top dozen digital trends for the year:

1.Big Data: +personal info, +opt-ins
2.1on1: true customization
3.Mobile: GeoLocation offers, insights
4.Community Reviews: yelp ratings, g+, etc
5.KOL Klout! Mavens, Celebs, Experts, Bloggers with followers…
6.Fast, Global Pop-Culture waves: gangnam, fox says, bound invite fast parodies, etc
7.User content: vine, memes, pinterest montages,….
8.Global: what do national borders mean anyhow?
9.Public Backlash: emphasis on rapid-reaction, humility is hot [Starbucks tax dodging protests in UK, Pizza Hut Thanksgiving worker treatment rage]
10. Social Capital: finding/ dispensing a new form of ‘cred currency’ creates dilemmas how to ‘comp’ brand helpers non-monetarily (as per Tara Hunt’s ‘The Whuffie Factor’)
11. Going Off Grid: consumers /citizens will pay to ‘go dark’ (a la Julia & Winston in the country in 1984)
12. Corporate IT Wars: infiltration, firewalls, theft & sabotage will intensify, as will the price to be safe
Inevitably, I’ll issue you some midyear updates.
Steven Litt