Nuther Infographic That’s Defacto Marketing

Great example now on nerdgraph;  why not visit and count how many of its multitude of infographics are defacto marketing tools sponsored by private sector &/or public policy organizations (sometimes it’s hard to tell!).

This piece tries to convince you to avoid unethically mined African diamonds. Who might benefit from the perpetuation of this message? Perhaps providers of other precious stones, or providers of ETHICAL diamonds (eg ‘clean’ diamonds from Northern Canada).

Though the graphic credits various social conscience platforms (PACWeb, Global Witness, Huffington Post, etc) for factual content, the actual graphic seems to be compiled by ‘Brilliant Earth’, a San Francisco-based reseller of ‘ethical’ precious stones, including the aforementioned ‘ethical’ Canuck diamonds (note the ‘Canadian Care’ logo on Brilliant Earth’s site!).

Infographics are powerful tools, and they’re cheap. They should be in your toolbox!

Steven Litt