Pop Culture Jan 2013

Looking for innocent distractions? Here are some fun links that showcase ‘interesting’ human talent:


The girl who:

speaks backwards




A skateboarding senior  (thanks James)



When you think fondly of ‘The Lady In Red’, she may not be exactly who you have in mind, but you can’t deny that

she rocks!


A cup-stacker whose hand-eye coordination isn’t too shabby:

(be sure to turn down the volume before viewing)



Steve Nash’s Top Ten assists: tough just to follow the ball movement!

(even in slow motion!)



I favour underdogs; aligning me with born-to-poverty Spud Webb who at 5″7″ became a 1980’s icon in….



For those of you who think table tennis isn’t a sport…

- watch this!



For all the Pacino fans:

is this guy good, or what!


Steve Marriner: in October, he played alongside the great Billy Boy Arnold. In this bit, Mr. Marriner…

plays 2 instruments and does vocals



Enjoy- then get back to work!