Bad Ad Placement for Porsche

There is no substitute…. for being on top of your ad placement A June 20th news story on the death of Jackass actor Ryan Dunn’s was quite sad. A further unpleasant bit- when I clicked to view the story, an intro video ad was for Porsche, and the  right hand column print ad was for Porsche. Which would be OK, except…

….the news story on his death says he was driving a 2007 Porsche & that it seemed likely that speed was a factor in the accident that caused his death.

The lesson? When you advertise, keep in mind the contextstay on top of ethics & PR optics.

With web media, you must be oh-so vigilant, not just daily or weekly, but minute by minute.

I returned to the site a few hours later – a couple times- the ads had been removed, thankfully.

In respect of Mr. Dunn’s family, for a two-year mourning period, I removed the screenshot of the unfortunate ad placement.

But I have now added it back as a lesson for all who place online media (the Porsche ad caption reads “See how people make every day amazing in a Porsche”)










- there truly is no substitute to being vigilant.